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We endeavor to create differentiations in terms of values and continuously seek the advance opportunities for industrial upgrade to drive the industrial developments. Tung-Ging has established a technological research and development center to integrate the technical developments and accommodate design talents. This is the successful key to propel the sustainable developments of the enterprise.

Tung-Ging Electrical Research and Development Center integrates the current research and development platform and promotes the information and automation of the design processes in research and development to enhance the research efficiency and shorten research and development schedule. We also take part of large projects for products in academy to improve the technological levels and recruit excellent reserve talents for national defense. In addition, we cooperate with colleges to establish innovation incubation centers for incubating professional technological talents in order to provide the endless capabilities for research and development for the enterprise.

Tung-Ging Electric is always down to earth in terms of products and technological research and development. To response to the trend of technological developments, the requirements by consumers andcustomers, and the tide of environmental protection, we continuously maintain good productivity in terms of products and productive processes and deploy industrial key technologies. In addition, we also strengthen the managements of intellectual property right to encourage innovation, manage patents, and create competitive advantages. Through professional intellectual (IP) property management, we can further reduce the costs of research and development.