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We were established in 1997 and has fully devoted to develop the best products with the attitude of “Integrity, Quality, and Precision”, as well as the principles of innovation, quality, technology, and research & development for providing the products in the best quality.

We are specializing in the designs, productions, and manufacturing of high/low voltage power distribution panels, communication hub boxes for Chunghwa Telecom, power panels for Taiwan Power Company, relay panels for Taiwan Railway Administration, power distribution equipment for clean room in electronic factory, firefighting panels, MCC motor control panels, automatic control panels for industrial machines, and power distribution panels. To expand the operations and enhance quality, we successively established painting and electrical assembly departments to accomplish a consistent production mode, and we have been endeavoring to develop multiple products. We expect to become the heavy electrical panel manufacturer that customer are the most satisfied with our spirits in innovation, stable techniques, and excellent quality.